Free option to migrate to Steam

Θέματα για άλλα παιχνίδια εκτός rFactor
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Free option to migrate to Steam

Δημοσίευση από Schumi » Σάβ Νοέμ 19, 2016 3:56 pm


"There’s not much we can show here yet until we’re a bit further along, but we are very happy with the current progress. In the mean time we are getting closer to our next Steam-only build. Remember to take advantage of the free option to migrate to Steam if you have not done so yet."

Θα ειναι free η μεταφορα μεχρι το επομενο UPDATE!!! Οσοι δεν το εχετε στο steam πρεπει να το κανετε ΣΥΝΤΟΜΑ!!! Απο εκει και μετα οσοι χασετε την διορια δεν ξερω τι χρεωση θα υπαρχει αλλα το μονο σιγουρο ειναι οτι δεν θα εχετε αλλα update!!!

Οσοι εχετε την Lifetime ειστε τυχεροι. Οι υπολοιποι εαν δεν ειστε κοντα στον χρονο θα πρεπει να κανετε μετατροπη σε Steam και να ξανα αγορασετε 1 χρονο ή να αναβαθμισετε σε lifetime και μετα να το μετατρεψετε σε Steam.

How do I convert to rFactor 2 Steam version?
Here you will find the full instructions on converting rFactor 2 to Steam. (Εαν βαλετε τα στοιχεια που κανετε Log In στο rF2 θα σας ερθει e-mail με τον κωδικο ενεργοποιησης στο Steam και το rF2 που εχετε σταματα να λειτουργει!!! Θα πρεπει να κατεβει απο το Steam. )

Can I convert my lifetime online to Steam?
Yes, lifetime will be carried over to your rFactor 2 Steam version.

What happens to my non-Steam yearly online subscription when I convert?
For those who still have a decent amount of time remaining on their account, we can work with them to transfer that time over to Steam. Please use the following email to make the request:

Will I still be able to get a Lite version of rFactor 2 on Steam?
To make a “strip down” version of rFactor 2, which looks and behaves exactly like a “Lite” version, you'll simply need to unsubscribe from all content on Steam Workshop.

Can I still install content manually or will I have to use workshop?
No need to choose, both are possible. You will still be able to place .rfcmps and .rfmods in your package folder located in your Steam rFactor 2 directory to install any piece of content manually, exactly the same as before.

Is hosting a dedicated server via Steam very different or more involved?
Actually, Steam offers multiple ways of hosting, and they are all fully compatible.
We now have a dedicated server distribution available via SteamCMD, which functions as a very lightweight version of the Dedicated Server, available to anyone -- no need to log in to the Steam client. Updating the dedicated server distribution is as simple as re-running the command line script once a new Build becomes available.
For Steam client users, via the “Tools” menu in Steam, a separate dedicated server can be installed and will show up as another entry in your gaming library. The server will be auto-updated when new Builds are released, completely maintenance-free for you.
So you can choose between user friendliness and manual flexibility, whichever works best for you.

Will all of my plugins, custom UIs/HUDs, car skins, still be compatible with the Steam version of rFactor 2?
Yes, all external plugins, car skins, and customs UIs/HUDs that are currently compatible with your non-Steam version of rFactor 2 should be fully compatible with the Steam version.

How much longer will the non-Steam version of rFactor 2 be updated?
The update following Build 1084 will be the last update of the non-Steam version.

Will I still be able to run rFactor 2 non-Steam and put up a non-Steam dedicated server in the future?
Yes, there are no plans to remove this feature.

What will happen to the non-Steam matchmaker?
It will continue into the future as well.

I run a league and we might need to stay on a previous Build, is that possible in Steam?
Yes, you can select a previous version.

Υ.Γ.: Ισως θα επρεπε να μπει και σαν ανακοίνωση στο Forum αυτο!

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Δημοσίευση από Silkman » Σάβ Νοέμ 19, 2016 4:35 pm

Πάααρα πολυ καλό Κατέλα. Thank you!!!!! :beer

Δευτέρα που έχουμε το επίσημο Practice και λογικα θα ειμαστε αρκετοί θα μιλήσουμε να δούμε πως θα το κάνουμε ώστε να γινει η μεταβαση οσο πιο ευκολα γίνεται για όλους.
All right!!... Τhey're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us... they can't get away this time!

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Δημοσίευση από Kostas Galanomatis » Σάβ Δεκ 17, 2016 6:08 pm

On Tuesday, December 20th, we will release build 1108. This is our first Steam-only release, and we would like to remind you of our offer to migrate to Steam for free, which will be extended until January 31st, 2017.

Οπότε αν υπάρχει κάποιος που δεν το έχει μέσω Steam πρέπει ΑΜΕΣΑ να το κάνει!!!!


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